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  1. bakingmaccarroons

    Last night marked the penultimate episode of this year’s Great British Bake Off - and we’ve been hooked! There’s even baking fever in the office, and we’ve gone from the most delicious, gooey, chocolate-filled Guinness cake to another slightly boozy Gin and Tonic cake (recipes lie with your Account Manager).

    So, if you’re a keen baker and have been inspired to turn your love of cake into a business, we got in touch with local Brighton baker "Buddy's Home Bakery" to find out how they did just that! Read on for their top tips on getting started in the baking industry.


    Aside from the 12 million of us watching one of the nation’s most popular shows, behind the cameras the baking industry is booming with a 51% rise in new baking businesses, according to a study by the 02. And there are plenty who want a slice of the action! 

    We spoke with Chris Budd from Buddy's Home Bakery in our Brighton hometown, who kindly offered his advice to help you rising bakers get started and what it takes to transform your passion into a success.